A Technology Conquers the World!

Years of research and development as well as decades of experience with PUR hotmelt adhesives systems was the foundation for the successful launch of the KLEIBERIT HotCoating®  technology in the international market. In the meantime, approx. 50 lines are currently in use worldwide for the finishing of furniture components, coating of flooring and façade elements as well as the finishing of roll material for profile wrapping.
HotCoating surfaces are tested according to the relevant international norms for furniture surfaces (DIN 68862/DIN EN 14322/DIN EN 438/ISO.MAT 0066, etc.). Widths of 1400 mm to 2400 mm are possible.


KLEIBERIT HotCoating® Process

HotCoating line for panel materials

boards, furniture, flooring, doors

HotCoating line for roll materials